Family owned and operated since 1961 Brueggemann Funeral Home has served 10,000 in the local community. There 3 chapels are welcoming, brightly lit and professionally decorated. They are designed in such a way to adhere to not only funerals but celebrations & intimate gatherings. Brueggemann Funeral Home is located at 522 Larkfield Road in East Northport which is easily accessible from all highways. With the recent announcement of their new enhanced website Brueggemann Funeral Home goes to great lengths to keep their customers informed. In such a time or loss and sadness they have been known to bring a certain level of positivity to their customers. For that and several other reasons in our opinion they are the best funeral home on Island. Brueggemann wins a Award For Funeral Home on Long Island. Award For Funeral Home on Long Island

Some of the latest updates and news from the East Northport Funeral Home, Brueggemann have to be their new logo and website. Their logo design is fresh, clean and utilizes their signature bell that hangs currently in the funeral home.

“It was important to tie the bell into the logo design because it is such a big piece of the company history”. Comments logo design, Anthony Savino.

Next was the release of their latest website. This website has everything from virtual facility tours, recent obituary’s, funeral planning and much more.

“This website is built solid. The flow makes it easy to navigate, packed with helpful information and it matches the current theme of the funeral home. Working with the team at Brueggemann Funeral Home was easy due to their wealth of knowledge and expertise. Happily we were retained as their SEO company to move forward efforts to increase notoriety and brand development”. Commented Benjamin Marc CEO Anthony Savino.

Brueggemann Funeral Home has been listed on the Long Island business directory, for years now and we are proud to have them.

Brueggemann Funeral Home of East Northport, Inc.