Online marketing for business directories can be difficult at times. As a Long Island business directory we have to optimize all industries for the most optimal search engine performance. On alone there are over 600 types of business niches that we strive to rank high on the search engines. As we all know search engines tend to fluctuate but if you keep a solid online marketing plan your website can continue to rise. We stick to the 3 marketing strategies for business directories that have helped us through the years. They are easy to follow, cost effective and show proven results for us.

1-SEO. Search engine optimization is a great way for us to get our website seen by the search engines. Our SEO company, Benjamin Marc does the marketing research & analysis to find the best keywords for each one of our categories. This is important due to the amount of categories we have in our directory. This must be accurate and precise to give the best results. Benjamin Marc also writes high quality content for our readers to get detailed information regarding our brand and clients.

2-Social Media. As a business directory you might have different industries joining your website regularly. This gives you content that you can post on your social media platforms. Every time a new business joins you can post their logo, photos, contact information and much more. This will help promote your brand as well as your clients.

3- Blog. Blog posting is another way for us to produce high quality content for our users. Being a business directory you can blog about a new company added, new events, discounts and more. We post regularly to our blog for our readers and also to help us in the search engines.

We hope you enjoyed 3 marketing strategies for business directories and if you have questions please contact us!

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